7 Steps to Gaining a Customer

May 5th, 2016

Consumers go through seven stages before they become customers. That’s why you must constantly advertise your products or services. Also, Harvard Business Review reports that it costs five to 25 times more to acquire than retain customers, so allocate resources to keep your new customers as well.

Discover Phase
This is when online consumers first learn about you. During this phase, focus on ways to get people to notice you. Boost your rankings in search engines if you run an Internet company. If you sell food items, give away free samples of your products in stores.

Aided Awareness
At this stage, consumers may recall something about you but your name or products won’t necessarily come to mind. Therefore, people may still not consider you as a viable shopping option. Continue to build awareness through ads and social media. Offer some tips related to your products online to get people to visit your site again. Hand out brochures or flyers at stores.

Top of Mind
Consumers not only remember you at this stage, but they could consider you when they decide to purchase. However, recall can be fleeting. If you market to businesses, give away advertising specialties, such as pens or calendars, with your name and address on them.

Also known as desire, consumers are now ready to learn more about you and possibly become patrons. To get to this stage, continue to promote your product online but run variations of your messages. If you run a small retail shop, hand out coupons to get people to try your products.

Information Gathering
Before they buy, consumers need to know more about you. If you sell something technical, include details about your products in a brochure or online. This is the time to further educate the consumer or business customer why you are the most viable option.

Value Comparison
Start homing in on price and value at this point. Other brands might be cheaper, but show how your product is more durable, or how consumers can save money in the long run. This is the time to make someone fully understand the advantages you have your competitors, whether it’s service or parts availability.

It’s now time to ask for the sale as customers now understand the advantages and value of your products.

Consumers will cycle through various stages on the way to buying. Make sure you recognize these phases and implement your strategies accordingly.

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