Adelaide Morning Tea

August 22nd, 2016


Following the success of Avery’s Sydney and Melbourne roadshows we were eager to head to Adelaide and connect with more small business owners to get their perspective on running a business.

We received such great feedback from both the previous two events, with attendees glad that they were given the opportunity to receive advice specific to their businesses. Many attendees also found that they were able to keep in touch through our online group, sharing their business triumphs and offering advice to those having a hard time.


As we prepared for Adelaide we wanted to make sure that this sense of community was maintained and to do so we invited a small group of hardworking and like-minded handmade business owners. By doing so we found that the attendees engaged robustly with the discussion. As always small business expert Julia Bickerstaff was on hand to guide the morning tea and offer professional advice but one of the greatest successes of the day was the sharing of experiences and advice between attendees.


Many attendees found that they could answer questions fellow business owners had, having experienced similar problems and conflicts. It was great to see such an open and productive discussion between a group of such passionate handmade business owners.


Going forward we’re working hard to make sure that our future events are as productive, fun and insightful as these roadshow events have been. We’re working hard to bring handmade business owners events that allow them to network, offer and receive advice and to feel like part of a community.

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