Business Spotlight: Baie Candles

September 26th, 2016


Naturally talented and creative people often tend to stumble upon wonderful ways to create a new business and this can certainly be said of Carolyn Moloney from Baie Candles and Interiors.

Carolyn, who has run design business, Baie Interiors for 5 years, began creating beautiful scented candles for herself as a creative outlet, which started to generate lots of interest among her friends and clients.

“I started creating these candles for myself as I love having scented candles around the home,” she says. “I was receiving really great feedback and encouragement from friends so I started to investigate where to get supplies at a commercial level and how to present the products in a professional way.”

In just over a year, Carolyn has grown from having a hobby that provides pleasure to herself, family, friends and clients to having a business that is a big focus. The candles are a natural extension to her Baie Interiors business, making ideal gifts for her clients.

“I have devoted a lot of energy into the candle business,” she says. “I enjoy the hands-on aspect of putting everything together from beginning to end. It’s very rewarding.”

Carolyn has a strong focus on quality and this extends from the selection of only the highest quality soy wax and Australian-made scents to the impression that she makes with her packaging.

“My point of difference is the quality of the product and that it is hand-made, only by me,” says Carolyn. “And the packaging really reflects that. Although it’s simple, I know that people are reacting well to the way I present my candles, both on the glass and the box that the candle is in.”

Using a mix of Avery labels, such as the Kraft Brown Round Labels on her Amber jars and accompanying boxes, round white gloss labels on her gold tins and gloss square and rectangular white labels on her remaining boxes, Carolyn has opted for a clean and minimalist look for her labelling which sends a big statement about the quality of the product offering.

“When I was looking for labelling options I looked to Avery for a solution because I was already familiar with some of their other products in a corporate context,” she says. “The flexibility that it offers me is what attracted me to the products. Using Avery labels means that I can present my products in a professional way and have the ability to produce different scents for different seasons in a relatively economical way.”

Baie Candles are now available for sale at Beaumaris Farmers Market and Bayside Farmers Market as well as being stocked in a number of outlets, including Adore Homewares in Elsternwick and Bay Road Nursery in Sandringham. You can also order online.

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