Business Spotlight: Seventh Tree Soaps

May 5th, 2016

Living a life full of meaning and purpose is something that we are hearing about more and more in the media. It seems that, for those with that inner creative streak just waiting to burst out, travelling the expected corporate route loses its calling after a while.

This was certainly the case for Amy Ta of Seventh Tree Soaps.

“For many years I had been working very ordinary jobs. Jobs that were chosen based on salary rather than passion. I had started to become tired and felt like a wilted flower, I then decided to step away from the daily grind for a ‘few months’ and spend time on things that I was passionate about.”

That passion turned out to be for hand-made soaps, something that Amy already had a talent for, making them for herself as a hobby, but she was now turning it into a fun small business. Now three successful years on, that ‘few months’ has proven to have been a decision well worth making.

After several months of carefully creating her new brand, Amy launched Seventh Tree Soaps on 1st January 2013, a date deliberately chosen to symbolise new beginnings.

Amy hand makes a range of soaps in unique and elegant shapes, with the owl soaps being her signature product.

“The business has evolved now and includes serums, lip balms and candles.”

As a business owner, Amy is serious about the integrity and professionalism of her products, including a clear goal with the business name, which was inspired by a desire to have a name that was mystic with a modern sound it, and ensuring that the packaging is as unique as her products.

“Everything is hand made by myself right down to the packaging. I am a self-taught box designer and have spent many late nights drafting and cutting boxes to perfectly fit my products. I also design the labels that brand my product.”

Amy found that the Avery Kraft Brown labels provided the perfect professional finish to her beautiful packaging. It effortlessly offsets the elaborate and colourful designs on the boxes and provides that connection to the simple hand-made history of the products but still allows her present her brand as one that’s serious about the quality of the product.

“I use Avery labels on all my products. I design my own product labels, print them on Avery Kraft Labels and then cut them to the relevant size. The labels don’t fray after they are cut, they adhere to paper/glass/metal very well and do not leave behind sticky residue on cutting tools.”

“Also, inkjet pigments show up sharp and lush on the Avery Kraft Labels, giving my products a professional look without the excessive cost.”

Choosing Avery labels for her unique products has more than an aesthetic reasoning behind it. Being very practical, Amy has considered the effects that posting her products out to customers will have on how it arrives at the other end.

“A majority of my products are posted out to customers. Therefore it is important that the labels can stand up well to the possible rough and tumble conditions experienced during shipment. Avery labels adhere to the surface so well that they don’t go walk about in the parcel during shipment.”

Amy sells her products mostly online and at handmade craft markets where she loves interacting with her customers. And, now with her two year old son at home she is finding that working from home makes everything very convenient and allows her to be very present for the early years.

You can find Amy’s beautiful products at several outlets around Australia ( or at the Seventh Tree Soaps Etsy store

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