Christmas in July and is it for you?

July 13th, 2015


With end of financial year, it’s time to ramp up your business activities once again. To add an occasional slant to your marketing and communications in a month that’s otherwise a bit dull, why not play up Christmas in July? But, before you embrace this trend, you’ll need to know the dos and don’ts.

For service based business, or anyone wanting to build relationships with their clients, July is an ideal time to give clients a gift to show that they’re valued. With Christmas in July, you can treat your clients at a time that’s unique for businesses, but still makes sense. For businesses delivering products rather than services, July is still a fantastic time to reward your customers. You could run a promotion for all customers, but if you’re gifting then you should focus on particularly loyal customers.

In marketing, the words “surprise” and “delight” are thrown around a lot. Gifting in July is the perfect way to surprise clients or customers, as other business won’t be thinking about gifting for months. It really is these little differentiators that will inspire positive word of mouth and help you stand out.

If you’re a business with products that work well as gifts, the Christmas in July trend is also a fantastic way to increase mid-year sales. As everyone knows, the largest spends happen in the lead up to the holiday season, as people buy gifts and prepare to host their family and friends. Because of this, Christmas has positive purchasing associations for customers, which you can play up with occasional marketing. With Avery’s printable labels, you can easily design Christmas in July specific labels to encourage your customers to purchase.

With the benefits of the Christmas in July trend laid out, there are some imperative dos and don’ts:


  1. Do make sure that whatever gifts you’re giving to clients or customers make sense. Think of whom you’re buying for. Hampers are a fantastic option if you have a bit to spend or just a few key clients you’d like to impress. Alternatively, go for something nice but more general, like a good quality coffee mug or candle.
  2. Do ensure that you incorporate branding, but that there is a more personalised message too. Giving gifts with your logo printed all over them can undermine the thought. For example, you’d rather receive mug with a beautiful design than one with another businesses’ logo on it. The solution is to print out a gift tag or gift label which includes your logo and a short thank you message. You can even add a Christmas slant to your gift tags or labels and you’ll only need to print out as many as you need!


  1. Don’t spend too much! Whether you’re gifting to clients or creating specialised Christmas in July offerings for customers, you definitely don’t need to spend big. If you’re the one gifting remember that it’s the thought that counts, so select small but well thought out gifts. If you’re looking to sell Christmas in July products, instead of actually changing your product mix why not just market existing products differently? Use Avery’s printable labels to design special Christmas or winter themed packaging. The range offers affordable, but professional labels, like the arched label which is perfect for bottles. This solution could save you a lot, because you only need to print out as many labels as you need and if you don’t sell all of your stock then you can just peel off the label and sell it as normal!
  2. Don’t go over the top with your gifting. Let’s be honest, Christmas in July is a nice idea, but it really is a commercial holiday. Whilst it’s fun to embrace this trend, don’t take it too seriously. Add touches of Christmas or winter to your printable tags and labels but stick to general gifts instead of ones that are Christmas related.

Christmas in July is growing in popularity, so now is definitely the time to incorporate it into your marketing and communications strategy. Just remember, it really is the thought that counts. So embrace this trend with authenticity and you should be delighting customers and clients in no time!

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