Helpful Market Stall Tips

November 8th, 2016

Market Stall Tips

If you run a small business, especially with small consumable goods, setting up and attending local markets may be a smart and effective option for you. Local markets can help up-and-coming small businesses gain traction as well as offering excellent opportunities for business owners to spread the word about new products and special offers as well as establishing customer relationships, supporting your businesses profile and positive reviews.

It doesn’t have to be hard for businesses to make their market stalls big hits. Make your stall stand out from the rest by creating a strong brand identity

Its important to make sure that your stall is distinctive, showcases your product effectively as well as provides customers who are browsing with information they may need to pursued a purchase. Ask yourself what your market stall has to offer that all of the others don’t.

Businesses that want to create enticing market stalls can begin by making sure to focus on visuals. Design a stall space that has a pleasant and welcoming appearance that can draw potential customers in, ensure to create a focal point near the back (if you’ve got the space) to bring them all the way into your shop space, creating interaction opportunities for you to speak to them about your product. Steer clear of drab, dull and tiring looks. If you want people to pay attention to your market stall, it has to be eye-catching. Make payment a piece of cake for customers.

Payment options should be part and parcel with your professional appearance and interaction with customers. If you want your shop to thrive, provide customers with convenient payment options. Don’t limit it to just cash. Have a chat to your business banker for payment options that will work for you – payment apps, EFTPOS terminals and portable pay pass options are readily available with a merchant facility and can be implemented within a few days for most small businesses. Your aim would be to accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or EFT if possible – don’t let payment be the only roadblock to a potential sale – and advertise this in your store so everyone who enters knows how to pay

Make use of social media pages

Market stallers that are looking for customers should incorporate social media as part of their marketing strategy. It’s important for small business owners to establish relationships with potential customers whilst creating a brand identity for their business. If you want to do this, regular social media use is key.

Think about your product and your offer – now think about where best to promote it. Is your product seemingly beautiful, with stunning photography? Instagram would be your go to. Perhaps your product is also targeted at children and mummy buyers – Facebook would be the right platform to get your company on there and starting conversations with your fans.

Because you’re running this on your own – don’t overload your schedule with too many pages to manage. Think carefully as to which platform would best suit your business and product offer and do it well! Once you’ve established a healthy following, social media updates can give people information about when you’re next attending local market days and events as well as sharing sales and discounts or market day offers to draw people there. Your goal should be to make sure that your market store and essential your brand, stays in peoples’ minds on a regular basis.


Invest in eye-catching packaging and promotion materials.

Often people are attracted to certain stalls when they see eye-catching merchandising, branding or marketing materials that stand out. Effective and good-looking designs, logos and overall branding can really make a difference to the amount of people drawn to your stall space to purchase your product. You can easily design your own retail brand solutions by using our Design & Print Online software and purchasing your Branding, Merchandising and Marketing materials today!

Give your market experience the best possible chance by using one or more of our useful tips to help you achieve a professional and attractive space..

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