Marketing Ideas for Christmas and beyond

November 16th, 2016

Marketing Ideas for Christmas and beyond

Christmas usually comes early for retail marketers, with agencies often coming up with various ideas for promoting products during this high sale volume season. Testing their promotional strategies are also common, while people are out and about in a “shopping” mood. If you haven’t yet thought about the peak season for your brand, now is a good a time as any.

Grab a calendar, some coloured highlighters and mark down your businesses sales seasons: peak sales, mid and low, based on your previous sales results or your expectations for your product and brand. Then put bullet point ideas down for each of these promotional periods, with ideas on how you will attract new customers and showcase your product. Think of sales, offerings (2 for 1), seasonal holiday designs, product uses, features and benefits. Then put it into action!

Email marketing strategies

One of the most effective marketing strategies for many companies is email marketing or EDMs. A successful email marketing strategy begins like all good strategies, with a SWOT analysis. This involves the identification of your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Your strength could be the number of your email subscribers and brand ambassadors and your weakness may be your irregularity in emailing and engaging with this group.  While growth in the number of new subscribers and the increase in revenue based on your email advertising will be one of your opportunities. You should prepare your Christmas marketing strategy early enough so that you can start promoting your business well before the silly season begins. This will allow you to take advantage of early sale opportunities as well. Make sure that you market your products more often during this time, because repetition sells! Don’t forget to send out emails or Christmas cards advertising your seasonal offers for that added touch.
Create time-limited offers to encourage customers to buy now

Give your customers a pre-Christmas guarantee. If your customers find better deals, you could offer to refund the difference or beat the other advertised price by offering a 10% discount voucher on their next purchase. This brings the customers back to your store for a future sale.

It’s important to highlight features and benefits of your products and your business. Share with your customers what makes your business better and why you’re unique compared to competitors. Use your small businesses high level customer service to your advantage – people like shopping and supporting local, so don’t be afraid to highlight this in all of your communication to your customers and clients.

Other creative and effective marketing ideas you could use could be developing flyers and posters to advertise your products or services, distribute them in shopping centres and targeted high-traffic areas. Perhaps you could offer Christmas gift ideas with add-on incentives or online coupon offers for discounts.

If you have the space, Christmas events such as client only nights where they can bring a guest in your store is one of the most effective ways of attracting potential new customers to your business. Consider hosting the event with a theme, such as “tree lighting” at the beginning of December with a glass of bubbles and a visit from Santa with gift vouchers or product sample giveaways and “night only” offers for those who attend. Use the event as an opportunity to share your holiday catalogue with the customers and get everyone tagging while they are there, sharing your location, your event and connecting you with their social database with one quick like.

Seasonal times of the year can provide the perfect opportunity for promoting your product or business and boosting sales. Christmas, Easter, Australia Day, Valentine’s Day even End of Financial Year deals – with a little creativity, you can effectively use these highly effective retail sales periods throughout the year as an opportunity to market your business.

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