February 24th, 2017

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Packaging tells a thousand words, no wait… you know what we mean. Your packaging is the clothes your brand wears and just as double denim isn’t a story you’d want to tell with your outfit, make sure your packaging story isn’t a fizzer and wrap your goods in great. As an essential interaction with your brand, your packaging is a vital touchy-feely part of your ‘this is us’ front. To help you stay ahead of the covering cartel, we’ve got some trends for 2017 that’ll keep you swathed in style.

Back to Basics

Cloaking your product in fussy is so 2016. This year, the trend is to strip it back and keep it simple. Go with the flow and make friends with clean and smart packaging; minimalism is back with such a vengeance that we’re not even going to finish this sentence. Shelves are saturated with choices, so make sure your customer doesn’t have to read through Ulysses to get to the point on your packing. Curtail the crap in your covering and you can elevate your product to cut through in a cluttered crowd. Less is more; tell the people what they need to know and otherwise, let your product speak for itself.

Back to Basics

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Embrace Authenticity

Don’t try too hard, people will smell the pretend from a mile away. Makers are embracing authenticity and a great way to carry this trend across into your packaging is to put your unique forward. Using custom hand-crafted lettering, irregular lines and natural texture fills can break the ice and give your product an approachability. This warmth can distinguish you from the droves of digital designs and get you in the friend zone. Get real – cast away contrive and connect with your customers by giving your packaging a homemade hunch.

Embrace Authenticity

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Colour Me Happy

There’s a lot of feeling connected to colour and these evocative emotions can affect purchasing decisions. It’s part of our lingo – feeling blue, paint the town red, green with envy – colour is culture. As a rule, bright is beautiful and makes a big bang on the shelf. Call in the contrast and use colour to capitalise by creating a product family with different hues. Colours can carry when it comes to remembering your brand; choose wisely and charm widely.

Colour me Happy

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Get Sketchy

Hand drawn comes across as caring; in a throwback to yesteryear, illustrations are all that. Unleash your narrative and draw your design for an added dimension. Distinct drawings can give a crafted vibe by evoking ‘this is how we came to be’ stories and creating a sense of possibility around your product.

Get Sketchy

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Clever Custom

Stray from the ordinary and stand out with some wow. Custom die cuts create specific shapes. Think outside the box and embrace the tactile with an unexpected rounded corner or a creative cut out. Just make sure it’s meaningful and not ‘just because.’ Think about following in the chocolatey footsteps of Nutella name jars and getting personal with our short run labels.

When you’re designing your packaging, ask yourself if it’s meaningful, authentic and simple. Trends are as fickle as fashion and like the humble denim jacket, they’ll come and go, so stick to your values like velcro and you’ll create and keep connection. Labels need love too, so keep evolving them to make sure your product stays lovely. Try printing a small run of a couple of your designs and let your customers show you which label they’re leaning towards.

Clever Custom

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