Seasonal Sales Boost with Sampling

November 7th, 2016


Seasonal Sales Boost with SamplingAnyone who runs a small business knows that being your own boss can be challenging at times. Time management, designing your own merchandising, running social media accounts – all of these things can turn into a circus if you’re not careful. And, as you head towards the end of the year you can find yourself running out of inspiration.

If your business is product focused, one great way to inject some life back into it is to create special or limited edition seasonal products. Think of Glasshouse Fragrances, who annually introduce special edition scents for their candles and body products. Last October they had a ‘Pumpkin Pie’ scented candle to celebrate Halloween and every Christmas they bring back their special scents ‘The Night Before Christmas’, ‘Christmas Cheer’ and ‘White Christmas’. Tapping into events and celebrations throughout the year is a great way to mix up your appeal to customers, including your existing database and new followers.

If you’re unsure about adding new products to your range with limited editions, it may be a good idea to create miniature samples. These can be given as complimentary gift to loyal customers or are a great way to trial and sample a new range you’re thinking of. Make sure you capture their contact details so you can follow up with them to see what they think before you introduce it into your product offering.

For those of you who run small businesses specialising in edible goods, it can be fun to experiment with seasonal flavours. Things like reindeer cupcakes and gingerbread men make great gifts and are sure to sell out quickly. It’s also a great way to get your inspiration back. Experimenting with new recipes or scents is the perfect way to kick-start your motivation.

Another headache that can plague small business owners? An excess of unwanted stock. Holidays are a great time to offer discounts on these items to sell them out, generate sales and create space for new product offering in the New Year. Sales for Christmas, summer holidays or even Easter are easy to market on social media and through newsletters as well as giving you the opportunity to package up your orders in a fun way. For Christmas, why not place fun size candy bars in the box or use red and silver wrapping? It’s a small gesture, but it’s something that your customers will remember.

And of course, all these ideas can carry your professional branding using the Avery Branding, Merchandising and Promoting range!

Sometimes running your own small business can feel overwhelming. But, when you discover little things that are simple and cost-effective to implement, you can really boost your enthusiasm for business again at the same time as injecting some new interest into your product range as well as exciting your customers.

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