Small Business Spotlight: Co-Shea Therapy

September 26th, 2016

coshea therapy

For more than 25 years Ruth Marxen worked in the health and spa industry. While travelling overseas for vocational and exploration purposes, Ruth was introduced to different cultures and sparked an interest in developing holistic therapy products of her own, adding to her skills in beauty therapy, aromatherapy, massage therapy and art therapy.

“I’ve worked with a number of different skin care houses both locally and internationally and part of my role has always been discussing clients’ skincare needs and recommending products. My experiences have helped me to create my own natural skin care products providing holistic face and body therapy treatments that addresses some of the key concerns clients have.

“The busyness of life means it’s not always possible to book into a day spa so it was important to me to provide face and body therapy treatments that allow my customers to relax, unwind, and re-balance, whether they are in a spa or in their own home,” says Ruth.

Inspired by holistic visionary Carla Oates, Ruth began making hand creams as Christmas gifts for friends and family starting from her kitchen bench.

“I’ve always found the kitchen a creative space and I was inspired to develop different products with the right consistency and combination of products I needed through trial and error,” says Ruth.

Co-Shea Therapy ( was born and Ruth began building a client base starting with a number of holistic therapy clients from the clinic and yoga studio where she had a treatment room. The Sydney-based business then established a presence at the local markets, meeting more and more customers face to face. As Co-Shea Therapy branched out into face and body treatments, Ruth also built an online presence, introducing customers from across Queensland as well as New South Wales to Co-Shea Therapy for holistic serums and treatments.

“I was printing labels myself using Avery labels but I didn’t feel I was maximising my brand. It was important to me that the look of Co-Shea Therapy products complemented the beautifully crafted skin care product inside.

“As online sales began to increase I realised that the packaging needed to be not only attractive, professional and affordable but also durable for postage,” Ruth continues.

The answer was Avery WePrint™ which offered professional labels Ruth could design from home in various papers to suit her brand.

“The advantage that Avery WePrint™ brings to a micro-business hand-made product market, is the use of different materials such as pearlised, gloss and clear, which can be a distinct advantage in establishing a quality brand,” says Ruth.

As an easy to use, affordable and durable option, Ruth uses Avery labels on all her products even for small batches.

“I love the fact that the label is the finishing product that seals my products with professionalism, and emulates the love and care on the inside, on the outside.

“I enjoy providing superior products and services that help people. As my business expands working with clients who are infirm or geriatric, I am also looking to provide workshops to young people about how to look after their skin from an early age.

“I use WePrint for DL cards (that is cards to fit standard envelopes), business cards as well as labels on my products. I am a home business with a quality product and being able to design labels and DL cards at home meets the very essence of what I do,” concludes Ruth.

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