Small Business Spotlight: The Dolls House Boutique

December 6th, 2016

Small Business Spotlight: The Dolls House Boutique

One of the oldest and most recognisable toys has as much appeal today as it did many centuries ago, for adults and children alike. In the 16th Century dolls houses with idealised interiors, and detailed furnishings and accessories were kept in cabinets away from small hands, daring to move a tea pot or a comfy chair. It wasn’t until the 18th Century when dolls houses were built more specifically as a children’s toy.

Whether you are six and enjoy escaping into the Sylvanian family fantasy or are 96 and admire the beautiful intricate detail a dolls house provides, dolls houses have mass appeal that shows no sign of slowing.

As the name suggests, The Dolls House Boutique, is an online store selling more than just dolls houses. Its catalogue shows photos of every type of accessory and Dolls House to suit all ages with names such as Le Toy Van Bay Tree House, a Dolls House presenting ‘the epitome of elegance’ to the DIY Dream Dolls House with magnetic, moveable wall furnishings.

“As an online business you are limited with how you can bring your brand to life,” says Renee Brimer, founder of The Dolls House Boutique.

“Every purchase is posted, so I began focusing on the packaging, just as other online stores have done, such as When people order from us it is the start of a relationship we want them to enjoy. I used to work for a big corporate and when I went down to the mailroom and saw an eye-catching package, I couldn’t help having a sticky-beak. I wanted our packages to be those that people want to look at.”

When The Dolls House Boutique opened earlier this year Renee wanted to get the packaging right from the first delivery.

“I was familiar with Avery Products but it was a business I rediscovered walking around Officeworks, brainstorming ways I could brand The Dolls House Boutique.  I did some more research online and realised Avery labels could help me deliver the ‘brand experience’ I was after,” says Renee.

Renee uses Avery labels to brighten up plain packaging with large pink watercolour heart stickers taken from The Dolls House Boutique logo and a logo sticker with contact details. The result is simple and effective. For customers on their second order or more, Renee uses Avery Printable Postcards as ‘Thank you cards’ as well as for community advertising postcards.

“For a small business starting out it’s important that any cost is manageable so I was glad that I didn’t have to commit to large print runs. Avery’s online templates are straightforward to use and I was really impressed with how professional and crystal clear the postcards and stickers appear, despite using an old printer.

“I loved being able to experiment with the design and trial different messages to see what works. I wanted a beautiful package for The Dolls House Boutique and Avery Products has brought my idea to life,” Renee comments.

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