Three Must-Make Marketing Resolutions

December 13th, 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to achieve in 2017. Instead of rehashing the same tired New Year’s resolutions, focus on your small business and make a couple of easy-to-implement resolutions that will have a big impact.


Whether you sell a product or a service, you’re probably run off your feet with little time left for marketing. At the heart of any small business is your story; the things that make you unique are the same things that ultimately convince potential customers that you’re worth buying from. It’s time to make some small shifts to get your story out in front multiple eyeballs for maximum impact.


Resolution 1: The smart sell

A lot of people start wishing the floor would swallow them up at the very thought of marketing themselves or their product. But the truth is, if you’ve worked hard to create  something that you love, you owe it to yourself to market it well – without being insincere or pushy. Tell your audience about why your product or service is useful and show them where and how it fits into their lives. Let them know how your product will make things easier, happier or more fun. Marketing your business is a way of connecting your product with people who need it, so tell your story with a bit of flair and you’ll find your marketing cuts through the boring and beige.


Resolution 2: Show some love

Any good salesperson knows that repeat business is easier and cheaper than finding new customers from scratch. So this New Year, take the time to sprinkle some love and appreciation on your current customers. Loyal buyers are worth their weight in word-of-mouth and will rally your reputation for free. Start by adding a hand-written thank you note to your orders and cultivate a bit of charisma so customers can see the person behind the provider. You could also add a discount coupon to your orders or include a free subtly-branded gift. Think about delivering more than expected; a beautifully wrapped product, an end of year sale for loyal customers or personalising your standard ‘thank you for ordering’ email. The bottom line is – you want your customers to be so impressed with your service that they become your walking, talking advocate.


Resolution 3: Get social

Most small businesses don’t have the budget for flashy marketing campaigns, but thanks to social media, the only thing you need to invest is time. Get a big reward for little effort using social media platforms to grow your brand awareness while you engage with potential customers and drive traffic to your website. Hone in on one or two platforms consistently, whether that be Facebook and Twitter or Instagram and Pinterest and get social with your followers. These sites are no place for the hard sell, so limit your promotional posts to 20% of everything you share and instead, focus on being helpful, entertaining, interactive and authentic.


The key to turning your marketing around in the New Year is to take baby steps with big impact. Personalising your approach to selling and breaking the ice with your customers is essential. Commit to these three low-cost, easy to implement resolutions and you’ll convince potential customers of your value. Visit to create a range of branded material from labels to tags to support your own New Year’s resolutions in 2017.

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